Get Stuffed!

A fun project with taxidermy…

Whilst rummaging through the museum collection stores of Artemis (a fantastic museum collection service for schools), we discovered a huge taxidermy collection. We have teamed up with artists Lord Whitney and recruited 10 West Leeds families for a truly unique project for this year's festival.

Each household chose an animal from a list and invited it to come and stay. The animals packed their bags and set off from Artemis in Holbeck to the wilds of West Leeds. They carried with them a beautiful education and activity pack, handmade by Lord Whitney, containing a specially commissioned animal illustration by Kris Sale and giving facts about the animal and suggesting activities to do.

The animals and their owners lived together as a family, (in harmonywe hope) until Lord Whitney and photographer Liam Henry visited each home to set up and take a quirky formal photographic portrait of each family with their animal.

The photos and the animals were exhibited at the Millspace Gallery at Armley Mills from 7 - 15 July 2012.

Get Stuffed! also went on to tour summer parks with Artemis and Breeze On Tour. Over the summer 1200 young people got to meet some of the animals, see the photographs and have their own taken, posing with one of the animals.




Check out Get stuffed! in the Yorkshire Evening Post!

If you are on Twitter, search for #getstuffed12 as some of the animals have turned into very keen tweeters...