Home Tweet Home October 2012

Home Tweet Home

An interactive family art trail in Pudsey Park.
15 identical wooden bird boxes were been painted, decorated, pulled apart and played with by artists from near and far. A stroll in the sunshine around the paths and flowerbeds of Pudsey Park created a bird box trail for everyone to enjoy*

HIghlights included the birdbox marble run which you can operate yourself, the miniature bird room complete with bookshelves and wood burning stove and the Tweetomatic which dispensed snippets of birdsong.

*a lot of the boxes were hidden in the trees to be sneaky and make it more fun

Home Tweet Home artists

Home Tweet Home featured a fantastic mixture of artists from near and far. Inventors, automatas, textile artists, knitters, paper artists and jewellry makers have all begun with an identical wooden box. Some of the artists are new to working with us and some are festival favourites. Only one thing is certain and that is that no two bird boxes were the same.

Artists taking part in Home Tweet Home


I was so excited when a bird box was hand delivered to me. Which bird would live here? If i was this bird what would my ideal box look like? Who else could live here? Who would know i was here? Who would visit? How would they get in? What if my box wasn't a home? What other purpose could my box have? What if i wasn't a bird? What if... As our questions continue and the answers form, our double sided sticky tape it at the ready as we creatively respond. Watch this space.

ABOUT US - Hello, we are a mixed assortment of artist and designers who dispatch interference-art from our headquarters in the north of England. We are experienced in making, baking, creating, translating and realising visions. Armed with a tool box of post-its, double sided sticky tape, colour pencils, scissors, paper, needle and threads, cameras and laptops we run interference for galleries, museums, theatre companies and community groups.



Martin Smith

Martin's research and work are concerned with people's perception and interpretation of space.

He undertakes quite large architectural commissions that interact with their given space and the viewer through movement. Alongside this work his practice is also concerned with making kinetic architectural maquettes that slowly investigate themes of repetition, precision and rules and kinetic devices that investigate themes of humour, nonsense and futility.

These utopian objects and spaces that are seemingly impossible to implement are what currently drive his work forward.

Currently exhibiting at Southwest School of Art, Texas and Mint, London.

Work available from: The Tate Galleries (London), Lane Crawford (Hong Kong), MAD Gallery (Geneva), Spazio Rossana Orlandi (Milan), Moss (New York).



Sher Christopher

I trained as a furniture designer working in wood but turned to paper as an artistic material when I spent a year away from my studies.I began sculpting with paper to try out creative ideas and intended to return to making furniture, but I felt such an affinity with paper that I never went back to working with wood. I choose papers from around the world for their texture, colour, pattern weight and their durability. My basic tools are a surgical scalpel, scissors, metal ruler and a series of metal tubes of different sizes. I cut, score, fold, curl and bend the papers to create the three-dimensional shape I want and then fix each piece into place with a small amount of superglue. Most of my artworks are inspired by stories or legends. I always strive to tell a story, to captivate someone's imagination and wonder, and show them how truly beautiful a simple piece of paper can be.

'Preparation for Flight' - Although there was no theme given with this project I drew inspiration from the title of the art trail itself; 'Home Tweet Home' and the fact that it's a sculpture within a bird box. It began with the notion of home and the sense of security one gets from familiar surroundings, but the story develops around the character as he outgrows his environment and nature implies that he must leave and take flight out into the unknown for the first time. His time in the 'nest' has been spent preparing him for this day with the lessons and comforts still evident around him as he makes the final touches for his impending journey.
The style is Steampunk inspired, but it's unclear whether his costume is to help disguise him from predators or if it's to make him stand out, to express his individuality.
The sculpture is entitled 'Preparation for Flight' and it's a modern story retold over and over, whether it's the first day of school, a new job, leaving for university; they all require a sense of preparation, often a putting on of costume, either to blend in or stand out and the stillness before the journey unfolds.



Bea Rohle

Bea chose to turn her bird box into a marble run because it seemed like a good idea at the time, particularly since she likes audience participation.
She relished the challenge of fitting everything into such a small space and hope you enjoy Home-Tweet-Marble run as much as she enjoyed making it.

Born and bred in Germany, Bea has been living in Armley for nearly 12 years. A maker and dabbler, she previously contributed some knitted flowers to our legendary knitted shed and created a number of metaphorical objects for our washing line gallery last year.


Leanna Benjamin
For this project I have teamed up with a good friend Donna Craig who makes stunning ornaments out of fimo clay. As I love mixing techniques and art materials together I have challenged my self to design and incorporate fimo clay pieces with beaded items.

I started to explore my creative side when my health started deteroriating. At first it was card making using a variety of techniques such as rubber stamping, embossing, decoupage, sewing on card etc Just over 2 years ago my passion for card making was evaporating so I then turned to Jewellery making. I have developed from simple stringing, bead weaving, wire wrapping and even making my own pendants and charms out of sterling silver clay. http://www.divinecreations.org.uk/


Dave Lynch

I will cram everything I've learnt about large scale installation into the confines of a bird box using projection, lenses, mirrors and the good ole sunshine. Note: I cannot guarantee the appearance of the sun for the launch, the duration of the boxes life or any UK based summer.

Dave Lynch is a artist, director and inventor and works with video & projection. His work uses old methods and invention repurposed with new technologies - i.e. a projector designed in the 1800s modified with a laser as the light source.

His current work is centred around large scale light installations, directing projects like video projections on 10 storey buildings or light shows in the once largest room in the world. He can often be found routing around in skips and carboots or talking at international conferences and festivals. This year his work has been in the New York Times, Wired.co.uk and his new work of cloud projection will be broadcast live via New Scientist in October.



Fiona Wilson

Fiona Wilson works with a variety of materials and techniques including paper, cloth, thread and wood, screen printing, machine embroidery and hand stitch, drawing and print making. Her work is inspired by collections of things, converstaions, stories, marks and objects that she finds. Her work has been exhibited in London and Dublin and is sold in galleries nationwide.



Broomheads Homemade

Tony and Aprille Broomhead are a creative couple based in Sheffield. Their work aims to be playful, witty and instil a sense of joy. They believe in design that is easily interpreted, tactile, inviting and most of all unpatronising. Their work has been exhibited at the Southbank Centre London, the Grand Theatre Leeds and the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Our bird house takes the magpies obsession with shiny things as its starting point. Magpies are decadent birds with a flair for interior design. Our bird box will be transformed into a baroque inspired home for a rather flamboyant bird made from the most fabulously bling found objects.


Fabric Lenny

Holmfirth based artist and image-maker Paul Slater makes distinctive and engaging paintings, drawings, illustrations and objects under the name of Fabric Lenny. To date he has collaborated with dancers, musicians, writers, photographers and other visual artists in the creation of interesting visual meanderings which are candy for the eye and musings for the soul. In 2011 Fabric Lenny was caff artist in residence in Noo Cafe Armley.



Adrian Riley

Pudsey-born Adrian is founder of design studio, Electric Angel, and has created word and typography inspired public artworks across the north of England including a building filled with poetry in Huddersfield, etched lettering on a former railway line in Scarborough and a talking tree in Gateshead.

Adrian's bird box the 'Tweetomatic' dispenses birdsong in the form of words on little tickets that you can keep in your pocket or wallet:

"I like the idea of how a bird's song would look if you wrote it down" explained Adrian. "The 'Tweetomatic' birdbox gives you a piece of paper, rather like an old fashioned tram or cinema ticket, with a phrase of bird song printed on it. In this way you can carry a snippet of birdsong around with you wherever you go."


Scrap Creative Reuse Arts Project

SCRAP is a social enterprise based in Leeds, focused on helping the environment by reusing waste materials from businesses as resources for art and play. SCRAP have been working with artist Conrad Cookson on their bird box.


Nicolar Bell

Nicolar is an illustrator and designer based in Leeds. She primarily works with textiles but has also been known to design posters for club nights in Leeds, illustrate books, etch, make giant puppets, run sewing workshops, paint and build websites. Nicola loves designing little mixed media characters, and has recently started a range of fabric, felt and plush animals, brooches and jewellery.


Si Billam, UNIT

UNIT is a diverse graphic design practice based in Leeds LS1 & LS13 founded by Si Billam in 2010. Their work ranges from public art installations and global branding to local government, regeneration projects and music industry art direction. Prior to establishing UNIT, Si was a former Senior designer with the world renowned 'The Designers Republic' based in Sheffield. His work ranged from rebranding MTV Italy (QOOB), creating global campaigns for Coca-Cola to projects with independent artists, record labels and architects. He spent three years working as Senior Designer & Art Director at Leeds based Vast servicing clients within the arts, fashion, property and regeneration markets. Si's work on the independent fashion magazine 'Shufti®' led to the publication winning both Gold & Silver prizes at the Graphis and SPD awards in New York 2009.



Karen Forsyth

Leeds based 'yarn-wrangling' artist and maker, Karen Forsyth, makes art out of yarn. Essentially yarn is a piece of string, but with infinite 3D properties. We spend out lives covered in yarn, and are familiar with it, but Karen likes to use it in new and unexpected ways. Yarn work has traditionally been associated with the domestic/interior worlds, but Karen likes to take her yarn outside to play. She's interested in street art made out of yarn and fabric. She also makes knitted soft furnishings and clothes. Contact Karen on Twitter @Knittipolitti

Karen's bird box - 'Budgie Wonderland'. Budgies were very popular when I grew up,but you hardly ever see them anymore. They were used as decoration in homes,but my Budgies have some decorating ideas of their own. Their home is decorated with wool pom poms and brick 'knitting'. It will also be lit inside with LED lights.


Laura Jordan

Laura is a Leeds born and bred artist, project/event manager and general mischief-maker. Typically working in the public realm, her recent work includes the running of street art project Papergirl Leeds and yarnbombing (knitted graffiti) all over the city.

Laura's knitted bird box will attempt to answer one of life's most pondered questions - Where do those missing socks go? Furthermore, is the washing machine a magical portal to a strange world? A parallel universe perhaps? Or is this world inside the washing machine? What happens to the remaining sock when its 'soul mate' has gone?